A Little Love for the Compact Disc

As much as we dig vinyl here at Elephant Stone (see here and here), the pricing and even quality at times can be a bit maddening.

We still love CDs, and have noticed a trend of it coming back, or rather — staying cool. With everything being recorded digitally then transferred to vinyl, you aren’t missing much. We will of course buy collector scum editions of certain bands; The Sisters of Mercy, Dead Boys, and Depeche Mode being recent purchases. Limited edition releases we are not immune to, such as the newest Moon Duo LP, and the Seagfang Christmas 7 inch.

But as the “vinyl is coming back even stronger” narrative keeps getting pushed, the story of CDs never get mentioned.

The 10th-best selling CD of 2017 (Guardians of Galaxy Soundtrack) sold more copies than ANY of the top five-best selling vinyl LPs. This does not include the 1 million digital sales and 19,000 in cassette sales which rose from 15,000 for volume 1.

Below are the biggest vinyl sellers to give you a picture. Here is the full report.

We’ve also been taking a loose survey from touring bands in the US about their vinyl sales at gigs today as compared with maybe 4 years ago. CDs are becoming more popular again, and vinyl sales declined.

The main issues for us are portability and price. CDs are now the price used vinyl was in the 90s thanks to the disappearing demand for physical product overall on all formats.

So with that, take a look at our private stash store. 

We know streaming services are having the most growth, and cassette sales have grown over 30% (which is amazing considering it is and always has been an inferior format) but we still like to think CDs are easy, and cool.