Christmas Songs Are Terrible, Except These!

St. Pete, FL based band, Seafang, have a new Christmas 7″ coming out, and if you like shoegaze or C86 we can say that you will find these songs way more tolerable than your normal holiday fare.

The Big Takeover featured the release (btw we are based in Cleveland, not St. Pete!)

In May 2017, Seafang was asked by Amsterdam-based record label Snowflakes to record a Christmas single as part of the fifth edition of the annual Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. The band happily agreed and went into the studio in the midst of the hot Florida summer to record two Christmas songs, one original and one cover.

Seafang chose to cover a song of one of their main inspirations, The Primitives’ “You Trashed My Christmas”, a song that was included on the 2012 Elefant Records Christmas compilation. Without straying too far from the original, Seafang add some shoegaze elements and keyboards in the background, and in that way make the song their own.

The atmospheric and ethereal “Happy When It Snows”, a self-penned song that is featured on the A-side of the single, has layers of guitars and keyboards, that, together with Heidi’s soft sounding vocals, create the feeling of floating amid snowflakes that are whirling down from the sky.

The single comes in an edition of 320 copies, pressed on beautiful snow white vinyl, and is also digitally available from Novemer 17th onward. So are the two other singles of these year’s edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, by Scottish indie-poppers Bis and French psychedelic garage band The Limiñanas, who collaborate on their single with French multi-instrumentalist Pascal Comelade.