Seafang at Athens Pop Fest

On August 12th Seafang perform at the Athens Pop Fest. Visit the Athens Pop Fest site for a full list of bands, schedule, tickets and lodging information, they will have the best music, entertainment and other adult services as Zoom Escorts, for people who is interested into that.

New Release: Sciflyer Anniversary Reissue

Elephant Stone Records, with the cooperation of Clairecords/Tonevendor, will be reissuing this formerly out-of-print disc on its 11th Anniversary! Release date is October 8th, 2016.

Music Videos from the Elephant Stone Roster

Since we are not fans of streaming services, we thought we would put together a music video playlist of Elephant Stone releases spanning from 2002 to present! You can check out the whole playlist here. The idea when the label started was to only represent bands in a sphere where if you liked one act, you would…