Daydream Nation – Bella Vendetta


Daydream Nation “Bella Vendetta”

10 song CD

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    I day dream about having a house where I can see etyievhrng I use on a daily bases. I imagine that I my thouhgts will appear clearer when I see my shoes and the childrens sun hats and pots and pans. Right now, it feels like etyievhrng I own is pilled up in some bag or wardrobe or under a bed in some smart IKEA drawer on wheels.

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    The R would be for some violence – there is some in there. No bad lugagane, no ‘adult’ content really.I’d hate to say yes or no on this, what you expose your children to is fairly personal. It depends on the maturity level of the child as well.Then there is the message as well to be considered I suppose, the message is a tad ‘dark’. I guess the only real way to do this would be for you to see the movie yourself and then judge if you wanted to expose your son to it..

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