The Land of Nod


The Land of Nod “Reality Channel”

15-song CD

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    its too bad that we have lost connection with andmis and players.i missed all the team,and in the coming winter it could be awesome to get together in the game. andmis go on working,you really suck,it has been 3-4 years now

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    Samsung na lang heheheUr back to blngigog again ibig sabihin nyan marami n2man akong babasahin inintroduce pala kita dun sa flatmate ko (Roma) sabi ko try niya visit blog mo at mag eenjoy siya magbasa Lumipat kau ng karama? Kelan pa .’bout the shoes subukan kong kunin ng huebes pag maaga akong matapos sa pag apply ng Emirates ID excited tuloy ako to meet u and Andreas heheheI’ll let u know on Fb bukas

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    I really enoeyjd V for V, I don’t concider the film to have plot holes, rather shades of grey which are there for you to draw your own conclusions, I.E wether V is a madman or an upholder of a fundementally important idea. I personally think its a film that does more than entertain, if a film like this can make me sit back and spend a good half an hour just thinking about our global and national situation, its done what it set out to do.

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    Ju8e;tti&#l230e.I love your wording where you say you are “fighting for every letter there to be one for God’s glory.” What a great way to think of it! Lots of times it truly is a struggle to get even one little letter in the story, isn’t it? Yet when you know there’s a purpose to all the struggle and that God’s glory only shines through cracks, it at least gives a bit of perspective. Blessings on you as you keep growing! )

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